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Harley-Davidson Motor Company - Title Sponsor

As a result of Harley-Davidson’s title sponsorship, Chix on 66 participants will be afforded some fabulous perks, such as the ability to bring on Athena “Vagabond Chickie” Ransom and Vivian “Gypsy” Charros as the all-women motorcycle tech crew. Athena and Gypsy will be joining us for the entire length of the trip, and providing support for the ride along the route.

Another exciting perk: the event will now start a day early, on Friday, June 10, when Harley-Davidson hosts Chix on 66 at the Harley-Davidson Museum. The day’s schedule will include rider registration, motorcycle tech check, meet and greet, dinner, riders meeting, and optional Museum tours. On Saturday, June 11, riders will depart for Chicago, setting forth on Route 66 on Sunday morning.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “Harley-Davidson is the iconic motorcycle manufacturer. There is nothing more American than a Harley, and there is no road that is more American than Route 66. When Harley-Davidson agreed to be our title sponsor, we were thrilled—not just because of what the sponsorship brings to us financially, but what it does to deepen the journey.

“Harley-Davidson has supported women throughout the company’s history—from women-owned dealerships, to advertising and events directed at women riders, as well as women riders featured in their Enthusiast magazine. This sponsorship is but one facet of the depth of the company’s support for women riders.”

Andrea adds, “Chix on 66 will be a rolling history of Harley-Davidson and the evolution of the American Big Twin. Those who travel Route 66 while we are passing through will feel as if time has compressed when they see historic landscapes populated by motorcycles from bygone eras. But the best part? The power and strength of those classic V-twins piloted by thoroughly modern women.”


Antique Motorcycle Club of America - Sanctioning Organization

Chix on 66 could never have been more than a cool idea that never happened if it weren’t for support from the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA). Chix on 66 is an AMCA event hosted by the newly formed Riveter Chapter.

The Antique Motorcycle Club of America was founded in 1954 by a group of antique-bike fans in the New England area. In the decades since, the AMCA has grown to become one of the largest organizations of antique motorcycle enthusiasts in the world, with 12,000 members worldwide.

From the beginning, the purpose of the club has been the “preservation, restoration and operation of old-time motorcycles.” Members of the AMCA own, restore, preserve, study or just admire motorcycles that fall into the antique category, meaning they are at least 35 years old. Although the Club is based in the United States, fans of motorcycles from all countries are welcome, and ownership of an antique motorcycle is not required to become a member.

AMCA Executive Director Keith Kizer says, "Women have always been an intricate part of the AMCA, yet overshadowed by their male counterparts in regards to public exposure. Of the handful of Honorary Members of the club, four are women. It's high time that the women who are active in club activities step into the limelight. The Riveter Chapter is a whole new approach on chapter activities, focusing not on the location of the person, but on the common bond of interest of the individuals."

“As the demographics of motorcyclists have changed, it made sense to create a women-focused chapter of the AMCA, which is where the Riveter Chapter comes into the picture,” says Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea. “I was looking for advice from Keith Kizer on how to make this Route 66 ride happen, figuring he would give me a few names and ideas, and wish me luck. Instead, he suggested that I create this chapter and host the event through the new chapter.”


The Riveter Chapter of the AMCA (Host Chapter) which has a nationwide membership, is the first woman-focused chapter of the AMCA. The purpose of this chapter is to give women motorcyclists an increased awareness of their own history, and an enhanced vision of their future in motorcycling. By bringing female AMCA members together in a single chapter, we intend to raise the visibility of women in the sport and concentrate their talents under the aegis of a single chapter.

Many women riders are unaware of the rich legacy of female riders and may feel disconnected from their contemporaries. We intend to increase women’s awareness of each other. We also intend to improve access to other women in the sport through visibility and networking. Many women may have never seen a female mechanic, nor have they seen another woman ride or race a vintage bike. For these reasons alone, a chapter containing powerful, talented, dynamic women helps to fill that void, and fills the space with inspiring role models.

The focus of this chapter will be on sharing the history of women in motorcycling, and supporting contemporary women riders. They will see women riding and wrenching just like they have been doing since not long after the first motorcycles were built. We hope this will challenge and inspire our members to reach for goals they may never have considered previously.

As the largest growing market segment in the sport of motorcycling, our past must press forward in order to shape our future.


Women Riders Now - Premier Media Partner

Leading motorcycle publication (WRN) is our Premier Media Partner for Chix on 66. They will provide extensive media coverage for the ride, bringing the excitement of this amazing cross country journey to WRN readers worldwide. editor Tricia Szulewski will be joining the ride, providing day-to-day social media updates as well as pre- and post-event coverage. Tricia is a veteran moto-journalist who has worked with some of the top motorcycle magazines in the U.S.

WRN is excited to chronicle many of the participants’ stories before, during, and after the ride. Besides featuring daily Chix on 66 posts on its Facebook and Instagram channels, WRN will showcase many of the Riveters on its web site.

Please sign up for WRN’s free monthly newsletter ( to stay informed.


Open Raod Radio - Premier Broadcast Partner

Leading multimedia outlet Open Road Radio has been named Premier Broadcast Partner for the Chix on 66 event June 11-25, 2022. This partnership will enable extensive multicast coverage for the ride, bringing the excitement of this amazing cross-country journey to Open Road Radio listeners and viewers worldwide.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “Gina Woods of Open Road Radio has been an enthusiastic supporter of this event and the Riveter Chapter from the beginning. In fact she was so all-in with our endeavor that she joined Riveter as a charter member, and she has already given us the advantage of her experience in PR and broadcasting behind the scenes. To have that kind of support so early in our venture was pivotal in the growth of the Chix on 66 ride from a cool idea to an event with nationwide reach. With Gina's Open Road Radio as our premier broadcast sponsor, we will have an even more powerful presence in women's motorcycling.” 

Co-creator, president and host of Open Road Radio Gina Woods affirms, “I am thrilled to be a part of this group of women riders and to not only share the camaraderie of motorcycling but also vintage motorcycling with them. I have always been passionate about antique motorcycles and have been riding one, a 1949 Panhead “Sweet Melissa” for over 30 years, and ridden it through most of the 50 United States! I look forward to swapping stories about motorcycling and share tips & tricks of riding and wrenching on them.” Gina has also created a team of women motorcycle mechanics, Gina Woods’ XX Chromes All Women Bike Builds, who built bikes that were raffled off with all monies going to charitable organizations.

Tucker Powersports - Oil Sponsor

Tucker Powersports has been named the official oil sponsor for the Chix on 66 ride June 10-25, 2022. This sponsorship will allow our riders to replace oil, filters, and other fluids to keep their motorcycles freshly lubricated across the entire 2,500-mile route.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “When putting on a 2,500-mile ride like this, a lot more thought and planning goes into putting our bikes on the road and keeping them there. Since we are traveling east to west, the latter part of the journey will be through desert, which punishes everything—our machines as well as our bodies. Tucker Powersports has generously stepped up to help us take care of our machines by providing us with oil, filters, and other consumables that we will need. I am particularly appreciative since I am doing this ride on my '74 Shovelhead. Being able to put fresh oil in her before we hit the high desert will give me, as well as all the other women riding both antique and modern motorcycles, peace of mind riding through the heat.” Tucker Powersports is a world-class distributor of powersports aftermarket parts, accessories and apparel. Tucker offers tens of thousands of products for American and metric motorcycles and other powersports vehicles from its market-leading brands. Tucker will provide, through its Twin Power and BikeMaster brands, a supply of individually chosen motor oil and oil filters for each Chix on 66 participant so that riders can change their oil along the route. The company will also supply other fluids and supplies that may be needed for minor on-the-road repairs. “We're overjoyed to be a part of this ride,” said Andrea Weeke, Tucker's Senior Director of Marketing. “We know that products from TwinPower and BikeMaster will be an important part of keeping these bikes on the road for the whole Route 66 run, just like they are every day for riders around the country.”

Cycle Source Magazine - Sponsor

Cycle Source, a grassroots motorcycle publication, provides an inside look at the custom motorcycle culture through bike features, event coverage and tech articles. Within these pages is a union of real bikers with above-average dreams, gathered together to share ideas and adventure. They are writers, photographers, builders, musicians, electricians, mechanics, and artists recording a lifestyle that controls every one of us and sets us free. Over its 25-year history, Cycle Source has shared millions of miles with many thousands of riders. It has remained current, it has seen the face of an industry change more than once, and it has always stayed loyal to those who have been there to open the pages and experience the stories inside.


ASM/Road Guardians - Sponsor

ASM/Road Guardians is the largest and most recognized motorcycle trauma training organization in the world. Our goal is to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through education. Motorcyclists learn an organized way of handling a motorcycle crash from the beginning (securing the scene) to the end when they hand off care to the EMS. Our non-profit organization's goals are to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through education.

Motor Maker Vintage Apparel - Sponsor

Motor Maker was founded on the passion for vintage and modern motorcycles. Our goal is to bring fellow gearheads from all around the world together to share their obsession for anything two wheel with the coolest apparel on the market! We at Motor Maker fully support and encourage women riders and are so excited to follow Chix on 66.

Karan Andrea says, "I love Motor Maker shirts! The shirts themselves are high quality, and the designs reflect the real deal knowledge and love of vintage bikes. Our riders are excited to sport the Motor Maker Historic Route 66 tee on this trip!" 

Shadow-Light Media Logo 2019 - EmptyBackground-Square.png
Throttle Gals.tiff
Tattooing by Whitney.jpg

Shadow-Light Media, Throttle Gals Magazine & Tattooing by Whitney

Some of the super-talented women behind our images.

Marjorie Kleiman of Shadow-Light Media works tirelessly (and sometimes even tiredly!) putting our PR and media communications together. She has also secured sponsorship after valuable sponsorship, and without her, CHIX on 66 would not be the impressive event that it has grown into. 

Doni Langdon and Trish Horstman of Throttle Gals Magazine gave us our 'look.' Trish designed our beautiful CHIX on 66 logo, and Doni made our official CHIX tees.

Whitney Schiller - Tattooing by Whitney - designed the beautiful Riveter Chapter logo for the newly formed AMCA chapter and the host for the CHIX on 66 event.


Seafoam Motor Treatment

Riveter Chapter of the AMCA welcomes Sea Foam Motor Treatment & Products as a Chix on 66 product & broadcast sponsor. As a result of this sponsorship, the Chix on 66 will be interviewed by Gina Woods of Open Road Radio before, during & after their trip. The interview compilations will provide years of memories for the ladies and some nice backstory of this history in the making, once in a lifetime opportunity for the gals to take on their own personal challenges and make lifelong friends while they take the ride of their life down RT 66.

“I think what these women are doing is honorable and so fantastic,” said Kevin Hohn Sea Foam Business Development Manager, who has a deep appreciation for motorcycle trips, women motorcyclists and the Sea Foam Products. “Any way that we can help, we’re onboard. The Bugs B Gone is a great product to use daily on this trip and the sweep truck will enjoy the Sea Foam Motor Treatment during these hot temps.”

Sea Foam has been around for over 70 years, and it’s one of the most trusted treatments for all engines. While the company makes a range of excellent products, the main one is Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Sea Foam is specially formulated to safely and slowly re-liquify gum, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits from the hard parts in your engine so they can be flushed out of the system.

Cannonball Line Logo.jpg
CrossCountryChase Logo.jpg

Motorcycle Cannonball/Cross Country Chase - Sponsor

The Motorcycle Cannonball/Cross Country Chase will provide sponsorship for Chix on 66. This sponsorship provides numerous benefits, including Chix on 66 participants having access to Cannonball Travel which will simplify their hotel/motel booking, and sweep support for riders who may experience mechanical difficulties or breakdowns.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “We are fortunate that Jason Sims has offered his support for the Chix on 66 event. His depth of knowledge and experience is valuable to us as this is our first event, and it has been no small undertaking. Working with Jason immediately elevates what we can offer our Chix riders. I also hope that through this experience, some of our members will be inspired to compete in the Chase or the Cannonball.”

 Jason Sims, owner/operator of the Motorcycle Cannonball and the Cross Country Chase, comments, “We’re proud to be a supporter of Chix on 66 and the new female-focused Riveter Chapter. We’re encouraged that Chix on 66 is putting events together to attract women to the hobby.”

TORC Helmets - Sponsor

Riveter Chapter of the AMCA is thrilled to announce that TORC Helmets has agreed to be the official helmet sponsor for the Chix on 66 ride June 10-25, 2022. As part of this sponsorship, TORC will provide Chix on 66 ride leaders with helmets from several different collections, all of which support the helmet communications systems that will be utilized on the ride. Additionally, TORC will provide raffle prizes for several Chix on 66 participants to be chosen in a random drawing prior to the ride.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “We are very happy to welcome TORC Helmets as our official helmet sponsor. TORC is a big supporter of women riders, and their products speak to that. They blend form and function beautifully to make helmets, gloves and accessories that appeal visually, set you apart, and allow you to express your own style, while still wearing serious gear. Our ride leaders will be sporting TORC helmets on Route 66, and each of us found the perfect helmet to reflect who we are.”

TORC Helmets, based in the California., is a premier purveyor of motorcycle helmets, goggles, gloves, and other accessories. Lucky Foster, marketing manager for TORC Helmets, adds, “Motorcycling is the purest form of freedom no matter what race, gender, or color. Torc Helmets is proud to be the official helmet sponsor for Chix on 66 and hopes that their pioneering efforts inspire more women to get out and be adventurous. Explore the world, break barriers, be curious.”


Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems is now the official communication systems sponsor for the Chix on 66 Powered by Harley-Davidson ride June 10-25, 2022. As part of this sponsorship, Cardo will enable Chix on 66 ride leaders to utilize state-of-the-art Cardo Systems Packtalk communications units on the ride.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “Cardo's high-quality, reliable comm units are going to prove essential for our eight ride leaders to communicate with each other effectively, quickly handle unexpected situations, and keep everyone in the pack safe. A 40-bike pack traveling through some of the areas we are going to be negotiating will be a challenge, but being able to check in with the pack and know where everyone is will help keep us moving together and keep the ride leaders apprised if we get split up. We are proud to partner with Cardo, and I am grateful that they were so willing to work with us to make this happen.”

For nearly 20 years, Cardo Systems, based in Plano, Texas, has been the industry leader for helmet-to-helmet communications systems, implementing progressively advancing technologies along the way.

Mike Tole, North America brand manager for Cardo, comments, "We are thrilled to partner with Chix on 66 and play a small part in their journey along one of the most iconic routes in America. With a group of 40 riders, communication is an absolute must, and it's a privilege to provide that capability for these women.”


Stilettos on Steel - Sponsor

Stilettos on Steel® Female Riders Group is providing sponsorship support for the Chix on 66 ride June 10–25, 2022. Stilettos on Steel® is a female-owned business providing membership and networking services to female motorcycle riders all across the United States.  Their driving desire is to help women who dream of riding to take the next step in becoming a motorcycle rider.  More experienced members enjoy working with new riders to help them hone the skills learned in their riding class and prepare them for adventures on the open road.

Stilettos on Steel President/CEO Anne Zube says, “I’m honored to be contributing to this momentous ride. It’s a beautiful thing when a dream is spoken by one and women come together to see it come to fruition. Stilettos on Steel connects members so that they can cultivate relationships with other female riders, and in turn be educated, enlightened and empowered by new experiences. We look forward to following the Chix on 66 journey.”

Many of our Chix riders are members of local Stilettos chapters, and we are proud to receive such a strong endorsement from the national organization. 

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “I joined the Stilettos on Steel® WNY Chapter a few years ago, and in that chapter, I have met women who have become my closest friends. Several of these women have joined Riveter in support of my passion for antique bikes – two of whom are doing the Chix ride with me. Being able to bring Stilettos and Riveter together this way is exactly what I was hoping to see happen with this event.”

Stilettos on Steel® was founded in 2010 in Madison, WI, and has since expanded across the country with official chapters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Illinois, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Utah, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Texas and Indiana.

Iron Trader Logo.jpg

Iron Trader News - Sponsor

Iron Trader News is backed by over 30 years of riding and writing experience. An outgrowth of the print magazine IronWorks it's populated with original voices bringing the best in biking, providing an inclusive approach to motorcycle info, products, events, features and entertainment where every rider of every brand and experience level is welcome.

Marilyn Stemp, founder and publisher of Iron Trader News, has taken on the mission of supporting women riders, and is the organizer of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Women Riders Turnout as well as Women’s Day at the Chip.


Route 66 Navigation - Sponsor

Route 66 Navigation is providing Chix on 66 with their application for turn-by-turn navigation of the route. Since Route 66 was fully decommissioned in 1985, it no longer appears in its entirety on road maps. Until Route 66 Navigation, the only way to follow the route was by using paper maps, and following road signs that were often stolen or misleading. 

Relying on and referring to a paper map while riding a motorcycle is frustrating at best, so the development of this app is quite a benefit to those of us on two wheels. 

Karan Andrea says, "I am not sure that Chix on 66 would be as possible without access to this nav app. I have tested it in the LA area and in Chicago - the first and last legs of our itinerary, and it not only provides turn-by-turn instructions to keep you on the route, but it gives you alternate alignments. It also indicates notable sights as they approach, giving you time to plan where you are going to pull off, preventing a lot of unnecessary u-turns, or 'oh well, I just missed something cool.'

We will be using the app to plan stops, photo locations, to assess the next day's journey and know what we need to cover in rider meetings. It really is an invaluable resource."

Athena “Vagabond Chickie” Ransom and Vivian “Gypsy” Charros

Athena “Vagabond Chickie” Ransom and Vivian “Gypsy” Charros have agreed to join the Chix on 66 ride as our all-female motorcycle support crew.

Athena and Gypsy will ride the entire Chix on 66 route along with us, providing mechanical support in the event that any participant’s motorcycle needs a repair, whether it’s a fouled spark plug, a wiring problem, or anything else that can be fixed on the side of the road. This service, in conjunction with the sweep support provided by Jason Sims of the Cross Country Chase/Motorcycle Cannonball, will offer riders the security of having backup support for mechanical problems that may arise.

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “From the beginning, as we were talking about this ride, we wanted a couple female mechanics to provide support on the road. This goes right along with the intent of this ride, which is to inspire women, not just to ride, but to broaden their vision of what is possible. They can ride a vintage bike, they can learn to service that bike, they can develop mechanical skills. Having Athena and Gypsy provide mechanical support on this ride will inspire all of us, myself included.

When women see other women do these things, they begin to believe it is possible for themselves. I am so grateful that Athena and Gypsy are taking time away from their lives and businesses to join us for Chix on 66.”

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