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Chix on 66 Event Feedback
Thank you for participating!
Please tell us what you thought about it.

I can't believe it's only been a month since we rolled into Santa Monica on the last day of Chix on 66. In some ways it seems like just yesterday, and in others it seems ages ago already.
All along the way, people were asking if we were going to "do this again," and my response was always the same: yes we will do another big ride, no it will not be Route 66, but whatever it is, it will happen in 2024.
That said, we want to get your feedback on the Chix ride. What you liked, what you didn't like, what went well, what fell short. This will help us plan the next ride and tailor it based on your feedback.

If you participated in the Chix ride, please answer the following:

How did we do overall?
Based on your experience on the Chix ride, would you join us for our next event?
Did you like the lodging options provided?
With respect to lodging, please select one:
Would you like to spend more than one night in certain locations in order to experience more of what they have to offer?
The Chix on 66 ride cost participants $1,750 for double occupancy ($500 registration plus $1,250 for hotels) or $3,000 ($500 registration + $2,500 for single occupancy). What would be a reasonable budget for registration fees and hotel costs (excluding gas/meals/incidentals)? Choose one of the following three price ranges for single occupancy:
The Chix on 66 registration fee and sponsorships covered the following expenses. We have listed the expenses by general category and the percent of the whole budget it represents. Please select the items below that you would like to see included in the next event.
If you did another event ride with us, what would be the ideal number of days?
The daily average miles traveled on the Chix ride was 200 miles/day. Is this a reasonable daily average for future rides?
Did you attend any Tech Tuesday webinars or watch any afterwards?
If you answered YES above, were the Tech Tuesday Webinars helpful to you specifically?
Looking back at the evening events offered over 16 days - Milwaukee, Pontiac, St. Louis, Springfield, Tulsa, Santa Fe (rained out), Kingman, Barstow - were there:

Below are some questions for thought. Use the text box below to answer any or all as you choose:

  • Was there information you would have like to have known ahead of time that we did not communicate?

  • Did you feel we prepared you with reasonable expectations for the ride? (Types of roads, road conditions, traffic situations, weather?)

  • Do you believe the ride was worth your time and expense?

  • What aspects of the event did you like?

  • What aspects of the event did you not like, or could have been executed differently?

Below is another set of questions for thought. Use the text box below to answer any or all as you choose:

  • If you had issues or questions during the event, were you able to get matters resolved to your satisfaction?

  • If you did have an issue, who on the staff did you approach for help in resolving it, and were they able to resolve it?

  • If you had a personal goal or expectation for this event, did you meet it? If you did not, what could we, the staff, have done to help you?

  • Is there anything else that you would like us to know about your experience?

  • Is there anything else you would like to see us do for the next event?

Should we continue to offer sponsorship for women to join us on the next ride?
Thanks for your feedback!
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